During 2011 – 2013 ICLA  and its team members have implemented these projects:

  1. “Policemen are our friends – I feel Safe in My Community”

Contractor: SAPC Programme, Swedish Support to MoI/ASP on Community Policing Programme, Small Grants Scheme

Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania implemented the project “I am secure in my School – Policemen are our friends” in the region of Korca in two high schools, in school “Raqi Qirinxhi” in Korca and “Petronini Luarasi” in Erseka. During this time in the schools’ premises and in the respective communities there were organized meetings, visits, creative activities, exhibitions and daily contacts between students, school, community and police by promoting more cooperative and friendly relations between the police and schools (pupils and educational staff) in order to increase the safety of the community and its residents and improve the image of police in local communities.

  1. 2.     Consultation process in 5 regions in Albania with representatives of local and central government, NGOs, and interested groups / individuals about HIV/AIDS draft law.

Contractor: UNDP Albania


The project consisted on realization of consultative meetings in the regions identified about the draft law of HIV/AIDS in Albania. More than 100 persons were consulted and involved in the process. There were organized meetings with government members Working Group and with a broader range of stakeholders (20 – 25 participants). Project collected inputs and comments received from local level on the draft sub laws. It included a communication strategy and advocacy on the consultative process about drafting of the law.

  1. 3.     Project: “Institutional Support to the Albanian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration for Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation and Use in Protected Areas and the Management of Waste“

Contractor: IUCN – International Union for Conversation of Nature

ICLA is responsible for the organization of meetings for the preparation and organization of the communications workshop and field trip, with targeted partners; elaborating a list of stakeholders in cooperation with the project team;

Facilitating the meeting and preparing meeting’s minutes and elaborate a report on the communication plan.

  1. 4.     Project “Facilitating the consultative process and providing expertise for drafting the new National Strategy of Public Administration and Action plan for 2013 – 2020

Contractor: Department of Public Administration in Albania and SOROS Foundation

The main objective of this service contract was to improve governance in the public sector, providing support to the Department of Public Administration, in the process of drafting the Strategy on Public Administration Reform, 2013-2020. Assist the Department of Public Administration to develop SNRAP 2013-2020, with the aim of providing independent expertise with quality of inputs.

  1. 5.     Project Supporting the Implementation of the Albanian  Model UN Project – Building Capacities of High School Teachers  and Organizing the Annual Model UN Conference

Contractor: UN / UNDP Albania


 “Albanian Model UN (AMUN) 2012” – Participants: 30 High school contacted, 13 High school involved in the project, 180 Students, 26 (13 Teachers & School Directors), 14 Peace Corp Volunteers, 10 ICLA staff and volunteers, 8 members in the Steering Committee.

Objectives: -High school students and teachers across the country are informed on current issues on the global political, economic, environmental and social agenda.; Awareness is raised among students and teachers on the United Nation’s work and its role in promoting peace and security through international cooperation; Students are trained on public speaking, debating, leadership, team working and researching skills; A platform is put in place for inter-regional student networking and cooperation.

  1. Youth entrepreneurship following the global Junior Achievement Model

Contractor:  American Development Fund in Albania, Junior Achievement Programme

Organization of Consultancy and training – Youth entrepreneurship following the global JA model.

Prepared Training Programme and Curriculum for teachers which was approved as extra curriculum programnme by MoES, Trained 50 teachers as part of the one year initial pilot initiative

  1. 7.      Challenges of employment and being able to face the Labor Market

Contractor: GIZ- Economic Development and Employment Promotion (EDEP) & TABITA

Korca municipality with support of GIZ and TABITA Foundation in collaboration with Regional Directory of National Employment Service, and Korca University organized a Job Fair on July 11th 2012.  For the first time, Korca Job Fair was combined with additional activities including training of students and other young job seekers on issues related to preparing them for applying for and possibilities for finding a job on 9 & 10 July 2012 and a thematic plenary session “Challenges of employment and being able to face the Labor Market” on 10 July 2012.

Training of 100 young jos seekers; as well as by the GIZ – EDEP to moderate the plenary session “Challenging of employment and being able to face the Labor Market”; Prepare some guiding or leading questions for the participants of the plenary session; Consultation  with the key speaker on their perspectives; Prepare a short summary report on the plenary session discussion and recommendations.

  1. 8.     Technical Assistance for Vocational Education and Training Programme

Contractor: GIZ – VET, Vocational Education and Training Programme

The aim of the technical assistance was to build team spirit and accountability in the office, enhance internal and external communications to ensure delivery of technical assistance in effective and efficient manner. The specific objectives of the retreat were as follows

Objective 1: To create team work and cohesion towards fostering better working relationships in the office:

  • Encourage VET programme staff motivation, confidence and effectiveness;
  • Identify issues and actions that will facilitate the transition and integration of new staff members into the programme team;
  • Create and build a workforce that is aware of the potential of the team while recognizing the unique contributions of each team member;

Objective 2: To enhance internal and external communications to ensure delivery of technical assistance in effective and efficient manner:

  • Improve the structure of internal communication, including programme meetings, norms for decision making, and information sharing.
  • Identify coping mechanism to effectively deal with constantly changing environment in VET.
  • Identify means to manage and maintain effective collaboration with partner organizations and implementing partners
  1. 9.      Co financing EU- Support to the Civil Service Reform Department of Public Administration

Contractor: GIZ / Department of Public Administration

Role of ICLA was to organize the competition for the best essay on the theme “The future of the Albanian public administration, in the context of EU integration.”  The Institute carried out successfully:

An Essay Competition organized for university students on PA reform with a result published. Prepare and distribute the announcement for the competition through social and e-mail networks as well as advertisements placed in university premises or other relevant public places. The announcement  included: (i) guidelines for preparing the essay and (ii) the evaluation criteria. In cooperation with DoPA communication staff member,  INLSH / ICLA experts participated in Questions and Answers session to be organized for interested participants, and collect the essays as per the established deadline in the announcement.  Coordinated the members of the Evaluation Committee and organized the meetings for reviewing the Essays. Organized the ceremony of announcing the three winning essays