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Do you make a difference?
I invite you to unwrap your gift – By Marcella Bremer, editor and co-founder at Leadership & Change Magazine.

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2. The Boston Consulting Group’s Smart Design approach involves three main components: the Why, What, and How.

3. Her mornings are a mix between Mad Max Fury Road and The Sound of Music. Breakfast is made, kids dressed and ready for school/daycare, and the presentation for the 9am meeting is locked and loaded. Some may know her as the “Belle of Balance”, but you know her best as Mom! In honor of the amazing wonders that Moms pull off everyday between life and work, we want to know…  and let’s continue the convo on Twitter @MerckIMInspired
4.The Game of Changes
By  Manoel Pimentel Medeiros , Agile Coach at Elabor8
Do you want to play a game about organisational change? For must organisations, change initiatives are challenging and can produce terrible outcomes. The Game of Changes below is an opportunity to learn techniques to overcome these typical difficulties in a change initiative.

Transnational Networks, Transnational Entrepreneurship and the Role of the State: The Cases of Serbia and Albania – Publication is available

The monograph was created within the project “Transnational Networks, Transnational Entrepreneurship and the Role of the State” supported through the Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans (RRPP), run by the University of Fribourg with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The aim of the publication is to determine transnational entrepreneurial business activities of migrants and returnees who are doing business in/with Serbia and in/with Albania, and the success of their business that depends on regular contacts with foreign countries.

More specifically, we try to investigate transnational forms of economic activities among migrants/returnees in the two countries respectively, explore their motives, and examine micro, meso and macro factors affecting their transnational business practices.