About Us

Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania (ICLA) or Insituti per Ndryshim dhe Lidership ne Shqiperi ( INLSH) is a Not for Profit institute founded in Albania in 2011 by and with the support of Albanian women. It draws on the capacities of excellent professional Albanians recognized for their national and international expertise and on the experience of its international partners and consultants. We are also supported by capacities of CFAN (a global community of people who explore and advance change facilitation collaborative to collectively create profound change in a profit and non for profit manner).

ICLA strives to be a national and regional leader in the areas of research and development practices with for change and professional development

ICLA through its permanent staff, a network of Albanian young volunteers and 25 affiliated national and international consultants brings national, international and intercultural approach to dealing with change, implementing projects, conducting research and providing expertise. ICLA possesses also a well equipped office located almost in the centre of Tirana. We want to promote the idea that ICLA’s offices are a social HUB for Community, Collaboration, Creativity and Independence.

Mission Statement Of ICLA

The mission of ICLA is to actively contribute to the social, human and leadership development of the entire Albanian society as well as the Western Balkans.

This mission aims to instigate positive changes in political, economic, and social growth and reforms, with an unwavering commitment to equality for all, irrespective of cultural, social, or economic differences.


Enhance the leadership capacity of government, civil society institutions, and other stakeholders at local, national, and regional levels.

Execute social and economic projects and promote best global practices for replication and incorporation into local policy recommendations.

Track and evaluate progress in economic, social, and human development at local and national levels for global comparative analysis and the generation of effective change recommendations.

Advocate, lobby, and raise global awareness to support Albania’s and regional development.

Effectively manage cultural, social, economic, and political diversity to enable all society members to grow, develop, and actively participate in positive change initiatives.

Our Competitive Advantages

National and Global Coverage – We offer our services and expertise in Albania, the Western Balkans, and business English while maintaining consistently high quality.

Multicultural and Multinational Approach – We operate within the cultural context of our clients, drawing from our extensive experience in multiple countries and with multinational corporations, including business clients and international organizations such as UN Agencies and NGOs. We maintain a close international network of 50 CFAN practitioners who support each other in achieving individual and organizational goals.

Strong Body of Knowledge – We are renowned for our expertise in the development field, including experience with UN, World Bank, EU, national and international NGOs, and government at central and local levels. We are partners with Energy8, members of the Change Journey, and have access to the Change Management Tool book, a highly cited resource on Change. Our philosophy centers on Appreciative Inquiry (AI), leveraging an individual’s and organization’s strengths to overcome weaknesses and challenges.

Next to You – We have a local presence in the region and access to global change experts. This allows us to tailor our services to meet our clients’ specific organizational development needs. We stay at the forefront of organizational development, continuously learning from our global experiences and sharing these insights with our clients in person and through virtual collaboration platforms.

Our Values

We add value by delivering innovative practices, exceeding expectations, and only accepting work within our competence.


We value and strive to optimize transparency and honesty, honor our commitments, and are morally and ethically compelled to do what is best for our client.


We value and respect our clients’ knowledge and experience, partnering with them to create customized, sustainable solutions.


We believe in individuals, groups, and organizations taking responsibility for shaping their desired future, and we work to facilitate agreements, competencies, and sustaining processes.


We are passionate about working with our clients to create a better world and strive to share that passion with our clients.