Contractor: Risi Albania and National Employment services

Time: June 2014

Assignment: One of our experts was contracted as consultant for:

Facilitation of the forums, with the participation of Labour Offices representatives and the tourism businesses in four region across the country ( Vlora, Saranda, Lezha and Pogradec ).

These forums served to: (i) inform the businesses of tourism sector on the offer of Labour office services related with job information and intermediation, training and how they can benefit from active labour market programmes and (ii) to obtain the feedback and recommendations from the businesses on how to match better their needs.

The overall aim of all the forums was to increase cooperation of tourism service providers with the public employment offices in order to benefit from mutual service delivery


Contractor: IUCN

Time: June 2013

Assignment: “Institutional Support to the Albanian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration for Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation and Use in Protected Areas and the Management of Waste“.  In close cooperation with IUCN Project , ICLA team was responsible for: Leading  the organization of the preparatory meeting of the Communications workshop and field trip, with targeted partners, elaborating a list of stakeholders in cooperation with the project team; facilitating the meeting and preparing meeting’s minutes.


Contractor: Department Of Public Administration ( DoPA) & SOROS

Time: September 2012 – June 2013


Project “ facilitating the consultative process and providing expertise for drafting the new National Strategy of Public Administration and Action plan for 2013 – 2020)

The main objective of this service contract for one of ICLA staff was to improve governance in the public sector, providing support to the Department of Public Administration, in the process of drafting the Strategy on Public Administration Reform, 2013-2020. Assist the Department of Public Administration to develop SNRAP 2013-2020, with the aim of providing independent expertise with quality of inputs.  Gather comments from other institutions and actors present in discussion forums. Besides facilitating discussion tables and final conference organized by DAP, expert  team participated in meetings of the Advisory Group

– two drafts of the new Inter-Sectoral Strategy for Public Administration Reform, 2013-2020 and its Action Plan;
– New Cross-Cutting Strategy for Public Administration Reform, 2013 – 2020 and its Action Plan, hereinafter referred to jointly SNRAP 2013-2020.


Contractor: GIZ- Economic Development and Employment Promotion (EDEP) & TABITA

Time: July 2012

Assignment:  Korca municipality with support of GIZ and TABITA Foundation in collaboration with Regional Directory of National Employment Service, and Korca University organized a Job Fair on July 11th 2012.  For the first time, Korca Job Fair was combined with additional activities including training of students and other young job seekers on issues related to preparing them for applying for and possibilities for finding a job on 9 & 10 July 2012 and a thematic plenary session “Challenges of employment and being able to face the Labor Market” on 10 July 2012 .

The short term consultant of ICLA was contracted by TABITA to conduct the training  of 100 young jos seekers; as well as by the GIZ – EDEP to moderate the plenary session “Challenging of employment and being able to face the Labor Market”; Prepare some guiding or leading questions for the participants of the plenary session; Consultation  with the key speaker on their perspectives ; Prepare a short summary report on the plenary session discussion and recommendations


Time: September 2010 – January 2011

Contractor: EU CEP / 2011 Census support

Place: Kosovo

Assignment: One of ICLA staff contracted to provide Technical assistance to the Statistical Office in Kosovo  for  the  implementation of the population census. •            Developed the  strategy, methodology, infrastructure and materials for training the field staff for CENSUS 2011 Kosovo.


Time: July  – December 2009

Contractor: Millennium Challenge Account; Company – Kalo Attorneys &Law

Assignment: Part of the team for Preparation of Secondary Legislation for National Planning Registry. Key functions of ICLA staff in the team included: Drafting of documents related to the endorsement of the procedures for processing of all data for the register; Process-flow analysis;Diagramming with public administration institutions and local government authorities;Improving work flow for more efficient processes; Facilitate relations of Subcontractor with stakeholders; Participate in meetings with the beneficiaries and cooperate with beneficiaries and conduct consultations with relevant stakeholders

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