During 2011 – 2013 ICLA  and its team has implemented these research and evaluation projects:

  1. Project: Survey on Job Satisfaction for the Police Staff

Contractor: Swedish Support to MoI/ASP on Community Policing Programme, SACP Project in Albania,  – Project partner : CBTL ( Center for Business technology and Leadership)

The primary objective of this  project was for our team to conduct the police staff satisfaction survey for the Albania State Police (ASP)  in all organizational units distributed all over the country (12 regions), prepare a report with analysis and recommendations.

The second objective was to propose an improved questionnaire based on the draft proposed questionnaire prepared already by ASP.

The survey covered the whole territory and all organizational units of the ASP  in 12 Regions).

The final report with recommendations will be used by ASP working group on reforms as one of the research methods related with the re-organization of the ASP and elaboration of the new legal framework related with ASP functioning and staff management (grades, career promotion, salaries, etc.).

  1. Project: Survey for Local Safety Measurement System in 10 selected zones in 5 Albanian cities.

Contractor:  SACP project – Swedish Support to MoI/ASP on Community Policing Programme – Project partner : CBTL ( Center for Business technology and Leadership)

The aim of The Local Safety Measurement System (LSMS) was twofold:

a) to measure the level of safety as it is perceived by the community, including real crime levels, disorder problems ,  traffic security as well as

b) the level of satisfaction with the police work at 10 defined areas in (2 zones) 5 cities of Albania respectively, Tirana, Lezha, Elbasan, Durres and Vlora.

The survey was based on the “household approach” for the selection of respondents. In Total 2000 surveys were conducted. A full report with the results, analysis and recommendations was provided to the Albania state Police.

  1. Research & Study – Equal Access to Education of Roma Children (Comparative study in of two selected areas). – Project: Building partnership and advocacy activities relating to the status First Objective of the Plan of Activity of Roma Decade (2012-2015): “Equal access in all educational levels of children and youth of Roma Minority”,

Contractor: SOROS/ Open Society Foundation in Albania –  Project Partner:  Institute of Roma Culture in Albania ( IRCA)

About 300 Interviews conducted. Methodology included Literature Review, Designing questionnaires for qualitative  and quantitative sampling and targeted to different categories (Roma people, Teachers, Government representatives, NGOs and International Organizations), recruiting interviewers, field interviews, qualitative interviews, elaboration of data in SPSS, production of the final report English and Albanian

  1. Research : Transnational Networks, Transnational Entrepreneurship and Role of the State

Contractor: Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans (RRPP), SDC  – Project partners: Groupa 484 and institute of Social Sciences in Serbia

In Partnership with Grupa 484 Serbia this research project examined formal, semi-formal and informal transnational networks developed by transnational entrepreneurs that link the Western Balkans with other European and overseas countries.

The main objectives of this research were:

•to show how the transfer of social and financial capital, together with know-hows, is sustained within these networks and how it may affect the local communities in their transnational social space;

•to explore how this phenomenon is contributing to the socioeconomic development of the respective countries;

•to investigate the role of the country governments and their policies in supporting this form of entrepreneurship.

  1. Evaluation & Facilitation of the process for adaptation and testing of written, audio and visual materials on HIV AIDS

Contractor:  UNFPA / UN Theme Group on HIV AIDS Project; UNFPA/ALB/11/002

Key assignments included work with Ministry of Education, Regional School Directorates, All high schools of the country ( teachers and student) to provide :

Facilitation of the process for adaptation and testing of written, audio and visual materials produced.

Testing of the audio & visual materials – produced for communication campaign

Testing of the written materials produced for teachers and students

Preparation of the feedback questionnaires

Compiling of the feedback received and preparation of the summary of feedback recommendations for expert’s review.

Communication expertise and monitoring of process of testing and implementation of the activities.  

Provide (through an expert on communication) advise on the final produced communication and campaign materials and dissemination channels to reach the intended audience

Prepare a monitoring plan and assure (monitor and evaluate) the implementation of the communication and campaign strategy.

  1. 6.      Stocktaking Process for Brain Gain Programme 

Contractor: UNDP & GoA, Brain Gain Programme

UNDP and the GoA wanted to take a close look at how the programme has evolved and the contribution it has been making to the overall capacity development in the benefiting institutions. The purpose of the evaluation was therefore, to assess the contribution of the BGP approach to capacity development in Albania.

The primary objective of the exercise was to examine all and strengthen the processes leading to proper transfer of expertise and knowledge with the aim of increasing the programme’s contribution toward capacity development of the Albanian institutions, draw lessons learned and outline options for improvements. 200 Brain Gainers interviewed online and 50 BGners met.

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