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Equal Access to Education of Roma Children

Comparative Study in two Areas of the Fier District   Rom Village (Drizë) and Baltëz Village

In October 2012, Institute for Change Leadership in Albania (ICLA) and Institute of Roma Culture in Albania (IRCA) were contracted by Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA) to implement the project “Partnership for advocacy activities regarding the first objective “Ensuring equal access to all levels of the education system for children and youth of Roma” under the Action Plan of the Roma Decade 2012-2015.

The project aimed to increase and improve the capacity of Roma community and active Roma organizations in the district of Fier on strategic analysis and critical thinking, and increasing the skills of representatives of this community to monitor the implementation of measures taken by the government at all levels regarding educational issues.

Another goal of the project was to conduct a study that explored hindering issues for education of Roma children in two different areas of the district of Fier.

More specifically the study is focused on Roma Village (Drizë) and Baltëz Village, areas that have a very large concentration of Roma population, but as it will be analyzed in the report, have various socio-economic profiles. The study addresses current issues that affect the access and participation of the community in education and aims to bring recommendations that can contribute to specific measures for improvement in the future.

In a comparative approach, this study provides findings from the local level. We hope that it will contribute to an understanding and reflection from this local level of issues and barriers that affect the participation of Roma children in the education system structures. We also hope that the report will be used by policymakers with the purpose of designing policies and programs and taking of vertical and horizontal measures, in the frame of National Action Plan of the Roma Decade (Education Objective) both at central and local levels.


Çështje të arsimit të fëmijëve të komunitetit Rom në dy zona të qarkut të Fieri

Fshati Rom (Drizë) dhe Baltëz

Transnational Networks, Transnational Entrepreneurship and the Role of the State: The Cases of Serbia and Albania – Publication is available

The monograph was created within the project “Transnational Networks, Transnational Entrepreneurship and the Role of the State” supported through the Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans (RRPP), run by the University of Fribourg with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The aim of the publication is to determine transnational entrepreneurial business activities of migrants and returnees who are doing business in/with Serbia and in/with Albania, and the success of their business that depends on regular contacts with foreign countries.

More specifically, we try to investigate transnational forms of economic activities among migrants/returnees in the two countries respectively, explore their motives, and examine micro, meso and macro factors affecting their transnational business practices.