Training of Young job seekers 9 & 10 July 2012 Korca
ICLA staff was contracted by TABITA foundation in Korca to conduct a 2-days Training of Young Job Seekers to prepare them for a job Search …


Knowing that consulting and training are completing each other, we provide training services on the broad range of topics related to our development areas of expertise, leadership and change management.
Training is implemented as a tool for leadership development, change management consultancy or facilitation at all levels of our interventions.

We do not believe that one size fits all and we have structured our services to enable us to deal with different levels of change complexity.
•    Level 1 – Apply the tools
•    Level 2 – facilitate the processes
•    Level 3 – Lead the change

Our Training Beneficiaries:

NGOs and Not for Profit Institutions
Youth groups
Women Groups
Disadvantaged and marginalized groups
Public Administration servants at central, regional and local level
Aspiring business professionals for enhanced managerial, leadership and change techniques
Any individual or group of individuals with a change project and initiative